Welcome to my iPhone XR unboxing. In this video I unbox all the iPhone XR colors for 2018. This video features the iPhone XR in black, blue, white, yellow, coral and red. Is the iPhone XR the iPhone you’ve been waiting for?

If you’ve been following the channel of course you’ve been following the channel then you saw I made a video I said the iPhone 10 are it’s a bit to fit the pressing to me okay in the sense that you look up and down the spec list at the announcement and you’re like. OK I see that I see what it’s got inside and then I see the price tag 750 bucks and I’ve been diving more deeply into the budget phones and just the wide variety of things that are happening in a smartphone global marketplace, and you save yourself.

You don’t have the OLED display all right you have a single lens camera set up okay you change the construction from the iPhone 10 in 10 s it’s a little bit more lightweight maybe you hoped for more like myself but that is us. There’s a subset a group of individuals in the comments they’re there they’re rabid they’re angry they have their own perspective and I appreciate all the perspectives in the world for some.

This represents a new affordable shiny colorful iPhone and I can appreciate that now because of my last video. I’m coming into this with some preconceptions with some feelings sometimes you got to get out of your own way you got to work harder to see the alternative perspectives it’s to go in with a genuine attitude to really try to see the positive why it might be good for you and why it might not be great for somebody else.

I mean that’s the agenda so before I open any one of these boxes I want to tell you right now then I’m gonna bring that attitude to this phone. I will be attempting to love the iPhone 10 are to fall in love with the iPhone 10. I will take that mission upon myself I will myself let’s open them all up I guess this is the product red no inside the box by the way real quick power brick no quick charge Emily look. I’m looking at the positive side so the positive twist on the no quick charge since I’m being optimistic right now is very portable…

iPhone XR review video

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Unboxing every iPhone XR
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