So just receive this cool accessory here from East Brooklyn labs, these guys reached out a while ago they had a product for a pair of headphones. I can’t remember was at the ATH em 50s, I believe to turn a wired headphone into a wireless bluetooth headphone. This accessory, this product I think is even a step better it’s an Airpod charge case and it’s something I think Apple should have done themselves from the jump from the get-go as you might have guessed.

This is going to add wireless charging to your Airpods now these are not the greatest earphones but they are convenient for certain circumstances. It’s a tiny little package and of course if you are in the Apple ecosystem they pair up really nicely to any Apple devices. They give you, you know the nice little look there are plenty of people using them and there is top right now of a next version that Apple is working on and I hope they take some advice from this little innovation.

Here, in order to add wireless charging to it because it’s one of the it’s one of the slim little headaches that goes along with this, you just have a standard lightning port on the bottom there not that there’s anything wrong with that but the idea of having, you know a little wireless charge pad on the bedside table and just dropping those on there and there’s been all those delays on Apple’s own wireless charging pad, so who knows what’s happening with Apple and wireless charging in the meantime.

We have this product that I want to check out it is the Airpod charge case apparently it’s made out of silicon 2.5 millimeter silicon case hard plastic inner shell for extra protection, and compatible with any Qi wireless charger so it’s just kind of a cool little accessory for a product that I know a lot of people have.

I see a lot of air pods out in the wild so it could be a solution for a lot of people to keep their ear pods charged up. Okay the case itself it does seem like a protective cover kind of like a silicon, a silicon look at this that’s it it’s pretty standard factory-fresh. You don’t put the air pods themselves but you put the whole case into here. Okay so you get you’re gonna want to have the wireless charge symbol on the front of the case, and then this guy’s gonna fit like this so you can see there’s a little cutout there… so you can get your fingernail in there and then that’s it pretty nice…

SliQ for Airpods review video

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SliQ – cool accessory for Apple Airpods buyers
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