The OnePlus 6T is here. This is my OnePlus 6T unboxing. Should I switch to the OnePlus 6T as my next smartphone?

So we’ve got a new device from OnePlus I’m pretty sure you’re aware of it it is of course the 6T and I finally have it in front of me here. So of course I’ll be unboxing it and taking a closer look.

As you know I’ve been a fan of OnePlus devices in the past I used the OnePlus 6 extensively as a daily driver. I may very well do the same with this one the 60 I am still currently on the Pixel 3 but this device here it’s kind of targeting the Pixel 3, it’s attacking the Pixel 3 have they done enough here to differentiate from the OnePlus 6 because after all this is a T model.

It’s not an all new is that a completely new thing it’s still got a Snapdragon 845 and so on and so on and so forth we have a microfiber cloth OnePlus red so proud these are the types II bullets earphones. OK so probably indicate to you that there’s been a change with the whole headphone setup on this device bit of a controversial topic.

The elimination of the headphone jack we’ve been talking about it how much does it matter I don’t know that depends on you. If you use mini jack headphones you’re now stuck with Samsung, LG and who knows for how long another one bites the dust another one bites the dust I say hey another one bites the dust and we’ve also got first-party cases…

OnePlus 6T review video

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OnePlus 6T – Is this my next smartphone?
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