So I’ve been on this mission looking at different computing devices… I did the iPad Pro experiment in which I just couldn’t get used to that tight cover. I know it’s slim its slender but I started to long for a more tactile click, now I have an extensive history with the MacBook products, but you know, that keyboard has changed a lot over the years.

We’re now using butterfly switches which will loves if I wanted to find the ultimate laptop or typing experience clicky keys who should I look towards and of course Lenovo ThinkPad came into my head because I was like man. I remember back in the day I had a T-series with a real nice keyboard. I’m hoping that maybe this thing is the ultimate laptop typing experience.

It’s the X1 carbon. It’s thin, it’s light, it competes directly with the MacBook Air, of course this is on the windows side this one. What’s the spec? All right do we have this back here, we don’t have the spec use the one I have is the classic black Perkin we got the box in the box scenario. This is a nice looking box over here all right.

Oh boom see man elevate good night listen… whoo-hoo nice and thin. I don’t know jack? Am i switching the windows at night night MacBook time? Okay that’s pretty slim Type-C connector as well on the power adapter here we go. Look at that. It’s thin, it’s light, yes there’s actual carbon. We have a headphone jack a USB on the other side Type-C.

This is a networking breakout for a wired connection via the docking station, another USB in a full size HDMI out so different from the styling that we’re seeing so commonly on laptops. Today military utilitarian get the job done make the trade do the deal business is getting done here.

Let me give us a little taste. I see a little curvature to each key cradling the fingertip. Okay that’s a keyboard which keys on there. There’s letters you type them, you hit them, there is travel and the whole thing it’s super solid. There’s no flex in the deck whatsoever since you’re all business you can cover the front-facing camera very nice.

You still have the little red touch point tracking surface there certain ThinkPad people they love that thing I never got used to it. I’m probably on a trackpad myself fingerprint scanners over here, I might be a little nicer to see it somewhere…

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon review video

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