So in my last video I checked out the new MacBook Air 13.3 inch laptop, this makes sense, this is the other new Apple product – the iPad Pro. It’s the 11 inch 12 point 9 inch of what Apple I think considers to be the future of computing.

There are many ways to interact with this device can also use the pencil. They’ve changed this around. This is different, this is radically different we have to see how this compares to the latest Macbook. It does seem that humans are beginning to adopt this modular lifestyle where devices are not just one thing, but many things.

Boom… 512 gigabyte version Wi-Fi + cellular. This is the more interesting form factor because at least it’s comfortable to hold. It just seems like the right size. There’s no curve anymore. It’s a slab contact points for accessories including the smart keyboard, the move to USB, this is the magnetic portion where the pen can attach who doesn’t like magnets.

That’s the type power brick now. This keyboard folio is not exactly cheap and you give me a price check on. That will you do 180 bucks. I should mention also we’re dealing with no home button anymore. I know that’s gonna strike fear in certain individuals but it allows you to have this really balanced bezel.

Yes it’s different. It clips in like that I like the way it clicks in. I like having two angles that’s an improvement over, the package is pretty nice. I suppose but in iPad mode this is a bit weird that’s you working, you’re typing away.

It’s definitely not a laptop, the big boy just for iPad life. It gets a bit big some people are really into it. This hopefully gives you a better idea. This thing is small, it’s like magazine territory, it’s light. This to me feels way bigger than that does honestly. This seems weird but my favorite thing about these iPads in the previous generation iPad Pro is the fast screen like…

iPad Pro review video

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