This is by far the best phone we’ve seen from Samsung for quite a few years. There was a lot of bezel. I was looking at a lot of blocks up around the screen, a lot of notch and that’s attached to novelty. It just feels refreshing you know has your life and pruno with the hole punch versus the knotch.

I would say no realistically like this is, like you’re saying it’s a it’s a it’s an aesthetic that looks nice you can’t deny man a good look no that’s how you get your foot in the door it’s got a sort of aura around. It it feels like a new smartphone, it feels like a new development.

Samsung did it with the hole punch kind of a weird approach but they achieved it nonetheless, of course, the spec list we know about it. It’s premium all the way through. It’s gonna have a price tag to match so that brings me to. What I want to talk about next, Samsung, for the first time they have like a budget 10 II as 10e.

I think this might be the winter man of the three all the good stuff with a significantly cheaper price tag. This is $750. They followed in the footsteps of the iPhone 10 are but unlike the iPhone 10 are, this unit is gonna keep the AMOLED display instead of instead of shifting to LCD like Apple did…

Galaxy S10E & Samsung Galaxy S10 review video

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