Now this is the most requested device recently. It’s been all over my social media guys have been hitting me up on Twitter as usual in the comments. Lu, you’re looking at so many smartphones where is the Mate 20 Pro, this is like the grown-up like a scaled-up version of the P20 Pro which I used for a while had some really interesting features, including that amazing night mode.

I can understand why you’re interested in this device, and that is why it is here today. I have the Twilight version, Twilight color, six gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of storage according to the crack team which is just well do.

This thing’s about 900 bucks so it’s not a cheap device but now this remember is the Twilight color whoa purple blue reddish colors. It’s all represented in there does feature wireless charging it even has a cool feature where it can charge other devices that have wireless charging, so could do reverse wireless charging?

You may have seen this in Huawei’s commercials for this device you’ve got 4200 milliamp hours in here, you’ve got juice to spare sometimes link up sync up, you can see the three cameras set up. This is going to give you the same kind of crazy performance that you saw in the P20 probe, but it’s also going to add a wide-angle lens which I’m a big fan of this show is shot on a wide-angle lens.

It lets you get more in the frame that’s kind of a nice move if you’re gonna put a bunch of cameras give us a different focal length this colorful power switch kind of suits the theme with the Twilight look now. Some of you might be upset there’s no headphone jack on a device. I don’t even know for crying about this thing anymore, maybe not it also features expandable storage as I mentioned earlier but it’s a weird new format called nano storage.

Something along those lines so those cards might be a little hard to get at least for now but it’s it’s expandable storage if you need it. I mean it picks up fingerprints, it’s glass. Look at that already if you want put the clearcase on. Okay, I don’t know does it solve the problem not really maybe this just gets fingerprinted yeah then this just gets.

I don’t know glass backs the supercharged power brick what 70% of juice in half an hour is that what. It is will supercharged how fast is it that’s why I said without this guy over there. I mean let’s just pack it in.

Let’s go do something else. They included a headset Type-C headset with microphone also the adapter since you lost the mini jack whoo all right. That’s a display yes it’s got a notch all right. I noticed apparently this is not just housing the front-facing camera but also the face unlock tech the contrast and detail on this particular wallpaper. That’s pretty nice 3120 by 1440 is the resolution plenty of pixels there. It’s a six point three nine inch display with very little bezel…

Huawei Mate 20 Pro review video

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