It’s an exciting time in smartphones, I mean we all know this we’ve been watching and probably the thing I’m getting asked about the most in the smartphone universe is folding phones. Is this a thing should I wait for these for a while?

There it was strictly the Galaxy Fold that people were talking about and rightfully so it looked like a finished product like a real product and we hadn’t seen that before. It was obviously expensive nineteen hundred and eighty dollars but then things got even more interesting, even more spicy because this device right here came out the huawei mate X.

Well it didn’t come out, it was announced showed off and handled in fact and this is a totally different take on the concept of a folding phone, so in the case of the Galaxy Fold we have this clamshell type design which puts another display a supplementary display on the outside of the clamshell, which allows you to interact with the phone.

When it’s in its folded position now that’s different from the way that Huawei approached their folding design with the Mate X, so of course the purpose of this video and the question that everybody has is which implementation do I think is better and which phone should you be waiting for?

If in fact you are waiting for a folding phone so what while we did here. They took the giant display and they folded it over in the opposite direction so the whole thing’s a display and then the backside just shuts off. When you have it in smartphone mode what this means is you end up with a bigger display, that you can utilize in a more typical smartphone fashion but on the front of the device.

I must say I saw some clips of the device because of this folding style it seems that along the hinge portion you can see some wrinkles in the OLED now of course you’re when you’re flexing or bending anything. You’re gonna have to leave some room for these kinds of small variances but the promising part is that. When the phone is folded out completely or in completely it looks like it’s not an issue now.

The next thing to talk about his price the Huawei Mate X is like the most expensive smartphone at least mass-market smartphone that I’ve seen probably with the exception of all. You know those luxury things and whatnot the mate axis said to be priced at 20 to 99 euros which converts to about $2,600 USD. That’s a very expensive smartphone even if it so happens to fold but you got 512 gigs of internal storage, 8 gigs of ram and you get a bigger display, especially in the folded mode when compared to the Galaxy Fold now price-wise it’s about 600 more but when it comes to both of these devices…

Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold review video

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Huawei Mate X vs. Samsung Galaxy Fold – which is better?
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