The HTC U12 Plus is the latest flagship smartphone from HTC. It features a semi-transparent back plate which makes it rather unique.

Is the HTC U12 Plus the savior that HTC is looking for or just another smartphone to throw in the smartphone pile?

There’s another smartphone today not the freshest smartphone in the world but a box that’s been sitting there I’m like I gotta get to that one it’s a little bit different it’s got a little twist so it is a smartphone that I want to check out especially right now as I’m using the BlackBerry key – you already knew that man it’s been a bit of a struggle it’s been a bit of a thing.

Today we have a smartphone from another company who’s kind of up against the wall a little bit that is of course HTC and these guys much like Blackberry there’s a storied history there there’s kind of a nice follow-up to the Blackberry video we have a couple of smartphone companies looking to regain their former glory in just cut it at glory regained their former glory can they do that obviously this is not retail packaging here this is a demo unit here’s a device type C headset which is actually said to be pretty good it features noise cancellation which ain’t bad for a freebee headset now granted it is USB type-c because there is no headphone jack on this device…

HTC U12 Plus review video

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HTC U12 Plus – the transparent smartphone here
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