You know that we do gaming setups here on the channel some of them incredibly outlandish like this one, I mean if you didn’t see this video. You are you even on the internet we definitely wanted to do something to follow up the more practical gaming setup based on one of the most part the most popular – the most popular gamer on planet earth right now.

Of course I’m talking about Ninja we have an official ninja gaming setup for fortnight at the optimal settings for the optimal performance and it’s courtesy of NZXT.

Now they reached out and they told me they have a new site it’s called build you could configure your own custom PC based on the game that you want to play plugging the game to the system along with the desired FPS and it will make suggestions based on what kind of configuration is best for that purpose.

Here is how to build Ninja’s Fortnite gaming PC

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How to build Ninja’s Fortnite Gaming PC
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