I know it’s not a laptop, it can’t be a laptop, it’s too small, it’s too tiny Otis quiet time Otis the question is this thing actually cool called the Gemini 4G this thing it runs Android or Linux probably a bit of a novelty factor going on.

Oh look at that hello a keyboard actually looks kind of enticing right now, ooh that’s tiny need a new laptop Jack there you go type-c USB cable okay cool interesting Gemini by Planet computers here we go. Oh what this has me thinking about a Sony product, I believe it was called the vile P and when I was a kid. I thought it was the coolest thing.

The hinge is interesting watch it you know what you know what I kind of like it, I mean it’s tiny, don’t get me wrong. I’ll probably crazy type in on this thing every day. This is like the power switch over here, USB type-c connector in this location that looks like a microphone. I’m guessing this is a speaker grill which would be kind of a cool design.

I see one of these grills on each side another type-c connector over here and a headphone jack. It’s the same number of inputs as the MacBook Air in this package that is a pocket computer right there. Alright so I have this thing booted up. They had me fooled on the power button, the on/off is over here in the Escape key. I thought for sure this was the power button apparently, that’s the smart button this has a micro SD and micro SIM card slot. This is the startup screen courses is touchscreen as well…

Gemini 4G review video

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Gemini 4G – a smartphone or a laptop?
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