So here’s something exciting it’s it’s a box that I wasn’t expecting from a company called do G do g ug UG the boogy boogy s8 we want to talk about the new phone cult do g x70 say it a few times it’s very entertaining rewarding do G s9 t expand more possibility you see how enticing that is but I really don’t know much about this phone like I said.

I did not order it it just showed up at the door let’s crack this open and see what we’ve got so first things first a little envelope here it’s a puzzle let me open this up real quick. Oh there was something on the other side not what I expected to be doing right now.

Okay I mean it’s just another picture little anticlimactic let’s find out for ourselves enough with the fun and games and puzzles and look at that okay cool it’s a tank it’s another one of these beasts machines it’s solid and this is the magical part right here this is apparently how this thing is going to interface with these various accessories.

Check out the front what is it telling us ip68, wireless charging, SIM card tray, volume up and down, power go on, custom tee I like that and look it’s identified with some texture as well that’s your sim. Your SIM card tray you don’t need a tool for it six point one eight inch screen Helio p6 d octa-core processor. You can see the camera units assuming that they’re both fully functioning.

Okay so 5050 milliamp hour battery but that brings me to our very first accessory this unit right here now this apparently clips onto the back of this device and it will give you another five thousand milliamp hours. I don’t know if Jack can see that also USB type-c to recharge this so that’s a nice little touch let’s see how this goes whoa. Okay whoo that’s a statement that’s aggressive but it’s 10.000 milliamp hours now so you’re just you’re living life and what are the youngsters say living your best. I’m living my best life right now doing my best life right now let’s see what this looks like in a pocket…

Doogee S90 review video

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Doogee S90 – A different kind of smartphone
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