Though Apple has big plans for 2019 they gotta have them triple cameras, yeah my phone it’s interesting you know because it’s not that many triple camera devices out there and when I saw the original render image which you could switch to the tab there, when I saw that image floating around.

I was like man it doesn’t look, it just doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen he doesn’t have an iPhone feel to it, yeah at this point it just doesn’t feel Apple ish in its current form considering it’s been done by other brands.

This is kind of a an indication the Apple feels like they want to target Huawei specifically cuz they’re the other player with the triple camera setup. It’s like are we in a situation now where the devices that have reigned supreme the champions of the space are potentially taking inspiration from the newcomers by adding more lenses.

You know I’ve been reading so much about this situation in China with the iPhone doing poorly. They feel like at least on paper those Huawei devices are offering more features and options for the price. Do you want to be able to say you have one extra camera unit? No! Do you want to say I got three cameras, you got two, you got one?

I’m better than you are, you know, thinking about Google and their pixel line they’re going for one camera but concentrating on software but there’s something about hardware that sends a message of like we’re changing. We’re adding something that is hard to do strictly via software where a person can hold onto the thing and say oh… this is new, this is different, this is better with the pixel devices you try to tell people.

It’s got a great camera and they’re like oh but it’s a single lens like I think there is this issue right now of upgrading to new devices or not upgrading to new devices because you don’t feel that all that much has changed versus this kind of approach which is like what will always been doing like slap another camera on and then people are going to look at the new device and say oh I got it created.

It’s new. I want you to know I have the newest phone that’s becoming harder and harder for Apple to do if you look at a lot of their previous versions ten 10s. We’re at a stage now where it’s becoming harder to prove to people that these new devices are worth upgrading to you need a way physically for people around you to know. When you place it on the table or hold it to your head that it’s newer better and you had the money to buy it and there’s only so much you can do via hardware like what can change right now…

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