Another day and another crazy unusual and in this case very expensive smartphone – this one is courtesy of Mr Willy who keeps bringing the heat. 8848 does that not inspire confidence, 8848 is the number of feet to the peak of Mount Everest because this is the peak of smartphone. Engineering and advancement six gigs of RAM, 256 gigabytes of storage, about $1,900 almost 2 grand worldwide.

This is the smartphone for you see how they do that when you pay money you don’t struggle with boxes you just that’s what you do leather. Look at them! Wow leather as well. Genuine rounded buttons for the volume up and down so that’s the camera unit there and the flash is over here.

Snapdragon 835 not the top tier Snapdragon but an 835 in here, camera on the rear is 12 megapixels. What about the front? Selfie camera 16 megapixels, 34 50 million power battery let’s be honest you’re trying to send a message with this guy, you’re trying to let people know something is different about you when you hold this baby up.

A screen protectors included, you’re gonna need a power brick reminiscent of the device itself inspired type-c cable to charge it up a wired headset using the type-c connector. These look like a black version of Apple earpods, now you can see by default we’re set up in Chinese here. I’m gonna switch it over to English if I can. There you go this could be a cut, this is a cut you see there’s a whole theme skin situation going on analog looking clock at the top which I’m starting to realize is kind of a signature of the brand.

Analog graphic there as well can I how do I control it though look at this. I can modify what’s on the back bunch of clock faces to choose from let’s try that one. The color ring look at this so if you have this upside down you get the call ID on the back and you have VIP contacts – which ring a different color her ass call. You don’t want them look at that mechanical beast what that’s for the real gangsters obviously here’s a bit more modern and that’s for the crazy dudes, that’s for the dudes with face tattoos.

Oh my goodness gracious that’s unique that’s a nice touch some pretty intense security settings as well anti-fraud antivirus intercept, intercept it’s like in one of those action movies intercept the call we’re four minutes in T boom or no I Android version 8.1…

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