The Google Pixel Slate is Google’s answer to the iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface devices. The Slate takes some of it’s cues from the Pixel Book (Chromebook) but packs it into a removable tablet style form factor. So is the Google Pixel Slate any good? Can it compete with the iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface?

Now this is fitting the fact that this device just showed up pixels late because as many of you know I’ve been running this experiment with the iPad Pro. I am going to go laptop lists computer less with the exception of this right here if you want to call it a computer.

I don’t know if it is yet if that’s what’s going on with the iPad this is Google’s Play and a similar scenario a futuristic computing device a Chrome and Android based device, a combination a hybrid along with a cool looking keyboard case and pen input Google’s bet on the future computing.

Actually kind of looks a lot like apples just with a slight difference on the software side, 8th gen Core i5 processor, 8 gigs of ram, 128 gigs of storage. Now I have been using this guy, this has been the experiment what I’m gonna do 2 weeks just this no computer at all.

I have some thoughts, I have some feelings as you would expect that’s the 11 inch version super portable twelve point three inches, so this one lines up more competitively against the bigger iPad Pro, so just keep that in mind anyhow there is the device whoo I notice it has these big front facing speaker grilles as you can see right there.

It’s so simple look at the back of it just a tiny little G up there that’s it we have some metallic connectors down on the bottom for the various accessories to type-c connectors, your power switch slash fingerprint scanner recessed very nice type c2 mini jack connector included no headphone jack on here.

Unfortunately 3,000 by 2,000 pixels it’s a full Chrome browser of course that’s the advantage here full powered Chrome which is kind of one of the things that people complain about not having living the iPad lifestyle. This is Chrome like you would have it on a legitimate laptop now. It’s not just Chrome you can also install Android apps on here, multitasking button here which will show you the various things that you have open at any given time.

The keyboard, the circular keys that’s a very unusual choice this is a throwback. Alright so what is this made out of I don’t know, I don’t know this soft interior it can go in a couple of different standing styles just for a comparison the iPad one has this sort of fabric style cover on top of the keys over here. This is plastic like hard plastic. There’s no flex it feels more similar to an actual laptop keyboard that is encouraging.

I’ll give you a little sneak preview on my experience with the iPad this keyboard is gonna have a tough time replacing a really nice laptop keyboard you just that is a pretty strong magnet there this goes here what is this origami thing going on…

Google Pixel Slate and iPad Pro review video

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