Helly in the video from the start I have a microphone and a sweatshirt, I mean I kind of did this but a new video game it’s taken over the airwaves Apex it took the whole fortnight height and it just ran with it.

I have no experience without having you tried it yet Mr Willy do came up with a solution so you’re busy with life that’s right that’s true so I put this on myself. I partnered up with digital storm fnatic to create an Apex set of he ultimate Apex set up maybe I’ll get a kill I’ll at least get kills will he do this is your project it’s on you it better be good alright let’s crack it open.

Oh digital store certificate of ownership your specialized digital store machine that the stamp of approval over there everything you could possibly need to expand the system after the fact Otis has a new gaming PC. He’s got doggy games to play what is going on here look it’s a giant fan you hear on the bottom there no typically. The back side of the unit not too exciting the work of art continues, it’s even pretty from the backside Willy do.

I mean the motherboard has some nice stuff on it as well I think you did something here yeah. I did something I think I owe you a lunch take you to Tim Hortons couple of Timbits holy moley. Let’s get some specs going it’s a very polished kind of look the price of this thing retail ten thousand nine eighty six an Intel Core i $9.99 eight exe the 2x SLI and V link dual g-force RT X 20 80 TI 64 gigs of DDR for three thousand megahertz g.skill that’s the glowing Ram.

Of course he’s got an m2 SSD one terabyte it’s a Samsung 970 pro 6 terabytes of standard hard drive storage at 7200 rpm, it’s got the rog rampage 6 extreme motherboard it’s also got a personal contact here for an employee over at digital storm with a direct phone line that’s pretty amazing.

That’s the kind of treatment you get at like eleven thousand bucks oh my goodness Willie do it’s a hole it’s a crazy setup now it sure isn’t that wonderful the magic of network television so this is a Acer X 20 seven predator monitor…

Apex Legends Gaming PC review video

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Apex Legends on an insane $12,000 Gaming PC
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